For the ill and the absent-minded -

Here, you will find a very brief summary of class discussions and activities, lists of assigned readings and links to other resources. It should serve as a reminder of what we covered in class and/or of what you missed by being absent physically and/or mentally. Please read the posts and talk with your classmates before stopping me in the hallways to ask me if "we did anything important the other day". Feel free to make comments and if you're still confused, please email me!

(NB: I do not condone class absences - you must be present, in class, actively listening and participating whenever possible. Always communicate your absences with the school office as well as with me. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for missed learning opportunities. You MUST meet all assignment deadlines.)

01 June 2017

G - The review things Mr. Donnici asked of you.

Mr. Donnici asked you to fill him in on those crazy Romantics. He was very impressed.

When I walked in Eric was chatting about "Ode to the West Wind" and we were able to get through Eva's ideas on Keats and his sonnets, and Mary on Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley's Frankenstein. I iterated the fact that you actually don't need me anymore to process the literary canon!

We reviewed who's left to present on a few Victorian pieces. And, I tried to draw your attention to the Celebrate Lit 12 link (to the left), which outlines my expectations for our Celebration of Learning on June 19th.

NEXT CLASS: Roshelle on "Eve of St. Agnes," Alyssa's notes on "Ode to a Nightingale," and Tennyson's "Crossing the Bar," Alisha on "The Lady of Shalott"

31 May 2017

A - The one with the confusing bits about Oxford.

We finished the film!

Please remember to have a look at the Celebration of Learning assignment details for English 12 (the link is to the left).

NEXT CLASS: Examples, working class, Big Ideas

30 May 2017

G - The things Ms. Salgadoe got to add.

I apologize for missing class today. Hopefully, Ms. Salgadoe encouraged some good discussions around "Ode to the West Wind."

NEXT CLASS: Nakoda's thoughts on Shelley

29 May 2017

A - The anonymous-thing.

We continued watching Anonymous (2011). This time I remembered my iTunes password.

I also spoke more about my expectations for our Celebration of Learning on June 14th.

NEXT CLASS: more Anonymous (2011)

26 May 2017

G - The female perspective via poems and other things from Lucy.

We had our own version of Lucy Poems. And, I tried to make connections to Atwood's "Disembarking at Quebec."

I asked learners to imagine what additional "Age of" literature they would add to the current cannon.

NEXT CLASS: "Ode to the West Wind," more Lucy-poems

25 May 2017

A - The getting locked out of iTunes thing.

After getting locked out of my own iTunes account, I was able to get my computer connected to the projector, and Mr. Cootes sat with you a you watched Anonymous (2011). My intention is for the film to feed your final inquiry for the Demonstration of Learning Week.

NEXT CLASS: Finishing the film

24 May 2017

G - The things about Byron that are completely normal in the 21st century.

Eleni did an extensive biography on Byron and gave us some highlights on "She Walks in Beauty."

We spoke about the Romantics as "out of the box," maybe even "tortured" writers and I asked learners to imagine how the Romantics re-imagined universal themes. I asked learners to consider what pieces from a different era reminded them of Byron's poem and if they saw any other connections to present day literature.

I assigned the rest of the Romantic Age and parts of the Victorian Period and asked learners to consider the universal themes and find connections to specific pieces from past and present.

NEXT CLASS: universal themes, samples from Lucy, Keats's sonnets