For the ill and the absent-minded -

Here, you will find a very brief summary of class discussions and activities, lists of assigned readings and links to other resources. It should serve as a reminder of what we covered in class and/or of what you missed by being absent physically and/or mentally. Please read the posts and talk with your classmates before stopping me in the hallways to ask me if "we did anything important the other day". Feel free to make comments and if you're still confused, please email me!

(NB: I do not condone class absences - you must be present, in class, actively listening and participating whenever possible. Always communicate your absences with the school office as well as with me. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for missed work and/or quizzes. You MUST meet all assignment deadlines.)

18 December 2014

F - poetry, class five (sort of)

No FREE WRITE today.

Students shared their edited pieces from last class.

Students wrote twisted Christmas carols.


  • Please write every day during the break! 
  • Work on your Mahara portfolios

E - ...when you tried your hand at directing a scene.

We continued to work with subtext in Act I, scene vii.  (Thanks Jomel and Jennica for being good sports about playing Macbeth and Lady Macbeth, respectively.)

I asked the entire class to block and direct the scene - great work everyone!

Students also completed a journal entry as Macbeth or Lady Macbeth. I COLLECTED it at the end of the period.

READ: the rest of the play


H - La class avec le film et des choses a manger.

Nous avons... I mean, we watched Paris Je T'Aime (2007).

READ: to the end of Act III

Happy Christmas everyone!

17 December 2014

C - ...when you worked the subtext without me.

Alexis and John read the text of the conversation between Macbeth and Lady Macbeth at the end of Act I, while the rest of the class interjected with prepared lines of subtext. Mr. Solis said you had a difficult time. We will review this when you come back from Christmas Break.

You had some time to complete journal entries as Macbeth or Lady Macbeth - those should have been turned in via google docs.

READ: to end of Act III

A - La class quand on a vu le film.

There was a TOC.

I asked him to show Paris Je T'Aime (2007).

CONSIDER: What the film says about politics, revenge community...

PRACTISE: character study - Polonius

READ: Hamlet

D - The class with le film.

There was a TOC.

I asked him to show Paris Je T'Aime (2007).

CONSIDER: What the film says about politics, revenge community...

PRACTISE: Seems, madam... (you must be ready straight away after spring break!)

READ: Hamlet

16 December 2014

F - poetry, class four

FREE WRITE: dead like a dog on the highway

Students had an open poetry class. Students shared their poems and I made some comments to help each student arrive at more polished pieces.

PRACTISE: Rework today's poems

NEXT CLASS: Twisted Christmas carols