For the ill and the absent-minded -

Here, you will find a very brief summary of class discussions and activities, lists of assigned readings and links to other resources. It should serve as a reminder of what we covered in class and/or of what you missed by being absent physically and/or mentally. Please read the posts and talk with your classmates before stopping me in the hallways to ask me if "we did anything important the other day". Feel free to make comments and if you're still confused, please email me!

(NB: I do not condone class absences - you must be present, in class, actively listening and participating whenever possible. Always communicate your absences with the school office as well as with me. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for missed learning opportunities. You MUST meet all assignment deadlines.)

10 March 2017

A - The soliloquy choral thingamabobs.

Learners worked in groups to rehearse and present a choral performance of Hamlet's "To be or not to be" soliloquy.

Mary, Jeanette, and Bernard presented a summary of Act III, scene ii.

WHEN YOU RETURN: Act III, scene ii Kahoot!, Act III & IV presentations

09 March 2017

G - The grad lounge discussion thing.

We held class in the Grad Lounge today.

Eva presented her blog as the product of her Inquiry into Shakespeare.

Julia began her presentation on "gender-bending in Shakespeare's Twelfth Night" (what about that title, Julia?!) by asking learners to discuss a few questions.  We were only able to tackle one of her questions as a group - what a great sharing!

WHEN YOU RETURN: Julia continues, the rest of the inquiry work presentations

  • She Stoops to Conquer by Oliver Goldsmith
  • The Restoration (historical context from Adventures of English Literature)

08 March 2017

A - The entrance-slip-editing-syntax thing.

Learners read their independent novels.

We looked at the Entrance Slip responses about Hamlet's third soliloquy from last week. I went through a few of the responses and edited them for clarity. Learners practised editing other responses to make them more clear and concise.

Learners worked with their groups in prism to finish preparations for their presentations of Hamlet's soliloquy.

I read a sample of a personal essay, "In the pursuit of excellence, we lose sight of ourselves."

NEXT CLASS: Soliloquy presentations, scene presentations continued

06 March 2017

G - The inquiry presentation thingamajigs.

Lucy, Mary, Sidelle presented their inquiry work on Shakespeare.

We spoke briefly about the difference between ACCESSING Shakespeare (language, images) and understanding how his stories MIGHT BE RELEVANT for the 21st century young person.

Unfortunately, you were called away for photos - Sidelle, please remind me about addressing your inquiry next class.

NEXT CLASS: ALL the rest of the inquiry work!

04 March 2017

A - The narrative-slash-personal-essay thing.

Learners used the entire period to write a personal essay on the prompt: "In the pursuit of excellence, we lose sight of ourselves." (Please don't forget to invite me to comment on your essay via google docs.)

For more details, click here.

REMINDER: Have your comprehension Kahoot quiz ready next week!

NEXT CLASS: Scene presentations

02 March 2017

G - The "sadness even with carpe diem" thingamabob.

Learners wrote a timed extended paragraph response on Marvell. (Please remember to invite me as a collaborator to your google doc response.)

Click here to access the prompt again.

READ: Bunyan

NEXT CLASS: Inquiry Presentations

01 March 2017

A - The OP thing.

Hopefully, you viewed the sample of the soliloquy reading in Original Pronunciation (OP) - see my post from last week.

Learners worked Hamlet's soliloquy in Act III on a collective Prism, which hopefully helped learners put together a performance or reading (recorded or live) of the soliloquy. Performances will be "presented" next week.

NEXT CLASS: The Personal Essay

ENTRANCE SLIP: What do you think of Hamlet after this soliloquy? (Please post a reply below BEFORE you come to class on Friday.)