For the ill and the absent-minded -

Here, you will find a very brief summary of class discussions and activities, lists of assigned readings and links to other resources. It should serve as a reminder of what we covered in class and/or of what you missed by being absent physically and/or mentally. Please read the posts and talk with your classmates before stopping me in the hallways to ask me if "we did anything important the other day". Feel free to make comments and if you're still confused, please email me!

(NB: I do not condone class absences - you must be present, in class, actively listening and participating whenever possible. Always communicate your absences with the school office as well as with me. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for missed learning opportunities. You MUST meet all assignment deadlines.)

17 May 2018

G - The one with only three of you.

Several people were away because of choir and other busy things. The three learners who were present worked on other important things. (Could I be anymore vague?!)

NEXT CLASS: Tennyson, Arnold

16 May 2018

A - The one with the timed essay.

Learners rolled for their timed essay prompt and wrote the essay on Steinbeck's Of Mice and Men.

NEXT CLASS: Finishing the essay, Frost poems?

15 May 2018

G - The one with partners and protocols.

Learners worked outside on this beautiful day. I asked learners to work the inquiry protocols as they shared their ideas and plans for their studies on the Victorian Age. Learners shared their questions and plans with the larger group.

READ: "The Lady of Shalott," and "Dover Beach"

14 May 2018

A - The one with the steady beat of fingers on keyboards.

Learners used the period to continue note-taking and preparing for the timed essay on Of Mice and Men, which I postponed for Wednesday.

READ: Frost, Dickenson, Arnold

11 May 2018

G - The one that wasn't.

Hopefully, you had a fun grad cruise!

10 May 2018

A - The one with Rabbie Berns.

We looked at some of the themes of Steinbeck's novel and made connections to Burn's "To A Mouse." We also discussed Steinbeck's use of allusion and archetypal figures, and how those uses contribute to the novel as allegory.

We reviewed the essay prompts and learners used the period to begin preparations for a time essay next week.

READ: "After Apple-Picking," "Because I Could Not Stop for Death," "Dover Beach"

09 May 2018

G - The one when I'm sure Nico and Kyle were not impressed that I wasn't there to hear their presentation on Austen.

My apologies for missing today, again. Thank goodness for Ms. Salgadoe who assuaged your concerns around what to produce for your study on the Victorians.

I will try to post the Tuning Protocols!

NEXT CLASS: Austen, hopefully