For the ill and the absent-minded -

Here, you will find a very brief summary of class discussions and activities, lists of assigned readings and links to other resources. It should serve as a reminder of what we covered in class and/or of what you missed by being absent physically and/or mentally. Please read the posts and talk with your classmates before stopping me in the hallways to ask me if "we did anything important the other day". Feel free to make comments and if you're still confused, please email me!

(NB: I do not condone class absences - you must be present, in class, actively listening and participating whenever possible. Always communicate your absences with the school office as well as with me. It is your responsibility to make arrangements for missed work and/or quizzes. You MUST meet all assignment deadlines.)

01 October 2014

E - ...when we tried to get through Bailey's short story.

Students read their independent novels.

Students worked in group to flush out the details in "A Few Notes for Orpheus" - students shared their ideas in the larger group.

I edited a sample from last class's paragraph assignment and demonstrated how to integrate quotes. Students rewrote their paragraphs from last day.

COLLECTED: character paragraphs

ENTRANCE SLIP: How does Jake change over the course of the story? (Please post a ONE sentence reply below.)

H - The one with the excitement around Ashland.

Students read their independent novels.

We debriefed Ashland.  We spoke briefly about "Prufrock" and even more briefly about "The Destructors."

DUE: 2 October - 30 Days of Learning Selfies

PRACTISE: notes on "The Destructors"

NEXT CLASS: Greene's theme?

F - Murakami and the art of the short story


Students read Murakami's "On Seeing the 100% Perfect Girl One April Morning" - we discussed what makes a good short story.

Students worked with dialogue today.  I asked students to walk around the school and listen for one good "line" and work that line into a story using only dialogue.

READ: Ambrose Bierce's "An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge"

NEXT CLASS: short story writing, character, dialogue

30 September 2014

A - The one with Mr. Vernier.

Hopefully, you were kind and thanked Mr. Vernier for showing you the ins and outs of moodle and mahara.

NEXT CLASS:  Ashland, "Prufrock," "The Destructors"

D - The class when Nicole Noble felt the pressure.

Students read their independent novels.

Students shared their Ashland experiences.

We discussed "The Love Song of J. Alfred Prufrock" - with specific attention to the three "personnas" of the speaker.  We also spoke about the plot and setting of Greene's "The Destructors." Nicole Noble took it for the team when she tried to speak about character...

PRACTISE: notes on "The Destructors"

NEXT CLASS: Moodle & Mahara with Mr. Vernier - please go room 102

C - ...when you exposed some interesting connections in Bailey's text.

Students read their independent novels.

We discussed to page 38 of "A Few Notes for Orpheus" - you identified some important details and I talked about the literary value of water (as forgiveness, cleansing, new life, etc.).  We also talked briefly about Jake's transformation and about conflict in general.

NEXT CLASS: finishing the short story, paragraphs writing

29 September 2014

H - The one with Mr. Vernier.

Students met in room 102.

Mr. Vernier did a guided tour of moodle and mahara.  Hopefully, you uploaded some your #stplearns30selfies and completed your first journal entry on learning.

NEXT CLASS: debriefing mahara and Ashland, "Prufrock," "The Destructors"